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Lawns & Ornamentals

This service is to provide for control of chinch bugs, grubs, sod worms, and mole crickets primarily; however, treatments for these insects often provide the added benefit of some control of ants and other occasional pests. Lawn spray service is not intended to kill all the insects and ants in the lawn. Many insects are beneficial to your lawn, and we do not want to eradicate them.

Our plan includes applying nutritional products to keep the lawn growing and healthy, insecticides to control bugs that want to eat your lawn, fungicides as needed, biopolymers and other ingredients to extend the life and increase the efficacy of the products applied. The plan includes treating your lawn 6 times per year with a variety of solutions and mixtures. This varies based on weather, the condition of the lawn, soil type, type of turf, and the growing pattern.

Weather conditions play a big part in maintaining a lawn, and providing the correct amount of water is beyond the scope of service we can provide. Too much water can be as harmful to your lawn as not having enough.

Fungus needs heat, darkness and moisture to thrive and we treat fungus before the summer rains appear or the fall fungus becomes established. So it is treated spring and fall, and as needed when problems are evidenced. Fungus is spread by mowers, wind, water, and by animals and insects, so a fungus problem can show up at any time. We do provide a preventative fungus treatment for our regular customers during the late spring early summer, and this is helpful; however, this only kills what is currently present. If the fungus is later introduced a problem can still emerge, and this pest tends to spread quickly. If we are scheduled to service the property only every two or three months, large sections of a lawn can be destroyed between visits. So it is important that we are advised of problem areas especially during the summer and fall months.

Please note that weed control is not part of any service plan. The best way to control weeds is by having a thick lawn that prevents sunlight from reaching the soil which allows weed seeds to germinate. Why is weed control not part of the lawn regimen? The best selective use herbicides available today are only 50% to 80% effective, and customers demand 100% results. As such, we have found that we can't achieve customer expectations with the materials currently available (as legally applied), so it can't be guaranteed. We have concluded that pre-emergent weed killers can cause more problems than benefit if they are over applied.. By special request, we can apply certain herbicides but there will be no guarantees of any kind - this is simply an application service.

Lawns vary dramatically in size, shape, type of sod, and environment, and in most cases it is not realistic to provide price estimates without an inspection. Our base price for lawn service is $65, and this increases based on the size of the property and other factors.

Don't let your hard work be destroyed by the devastating effects of a chinch bug, sod web worm, mole crickets, or other pest infestations!!
Keep your lawn beautiful and green all year long. Ask us today about fertilization. We can educate you on proper watering techniques and help you maintain your lawn.

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