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Automist System

Livestock & Kennel Applications

Auto Mist is an automatic insect control system that is installed in areas where insects are a nuisance. The Auto Mist system helps to reduce insect transmitted disease, infections, contamination and animal stress. By using the Auto Mist system, more insects are killed per dollar spent.

Commercial Applications & Odor Control

Auto Mist systems are highly adaptable. Insect control is a major focus of most Auto Mist system installs, but odor control is a growing market.

Auto Mist systems offer programmable timers for fexibilty of insecticide treatment. Application settings can easily be scheduled during the hours of none operation or after business.

  Reduction in mosquitoes at a public and private tennis courts can make all the difference in player comfort. Nozzles placed around the perimeter fence spraying into nearby turf, shrubs, trees and other foliage spaced every 12-20 feet can greatly reduce local mosquito populations.

 Mosquito population is massive around driving rages due to their turf and excessive watering.Spray nozzles can be concealed into landscaping, shrubs or similar structure yet maintain their functionality.

Trash areas of hotels, restaurants, grocery stores or similar properties can be a trouble spot for fly populations. Just a few spray cycles per day can reduce fly populations in these areas.

Odorous areas such as garbage transfer stations, landfills, composting sites are often problem areas for complaints. The application of odor neutralizers is very common to address and solve these problems. The Auto Mist system is an effective tool for applying any liquid odor neutralizer.

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They're called many things - fly control systems, fly spray systems, mosquito misting systems, automatic insect control systems but "AUTOMATIC" is the KEY word. As a user, you don't want any fuss, you want to set it and forget it - that's what Auto Mist provides. "Most reliable" is the phrase that the misting system industry uses to describe the Auto Mist system. The Automist system was developed in 1985 and has successfully lead the field in misting systems for over 25 years. Groover Exterminating, Inc. became a provider in 2006 and Desi Groover himself has a system on his home which has provided many years of barrier protection for our family.

Auto Mist system can be used in a variety of applications including residential, commercial, livestock, or odor control.

Auto Mist Systems are very versatile. They can be installed conveniently at the time of new construction, when additions are added or in already existing areas to effectively reduce insect populations. The normal automatic setting will give you carefree control of insects with no intervention.

If insect populations are extremely high from increased rainfall there is a wireless remote control digital timer that lets you run an extra timed cycle. A remote control is a great option, however Auto Mist manufacturers take pride in their system to control insects automatically. We at Groover Exterminating, Inc. support that feature!

Residential Application

Protect your family's outdoor space!

The nozzles can be placed in a variety of layouts, discuss your design with our experienced technicians to maximize your Auto Mist coverage.

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