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General Household Pests

Our business model tends to be much different that some of our competitors. We have no binding contracts for general household pest control. Our goal is to satisfy customers. Most of the time we are successful in this endeavor, but occasionally some customers wish to cancel service for one reason or another. There may be job loss, relocation, health reasons, or a wide variety of issues. We recognize that life changes, and while we wish to retain all our customers the idea that we will never lose a customer is not realistic. We have an agreement in order to establish and remind of terms and conditions, and it locks in pricing for the agreement period, which is a benefit to the customer. At the same time the agreement can be cancelled at any time with just a phone call.

General Structural Pest Control has a 3 part requirement for success.

  • Exclusion - elimination of entry points into the structure
  • Sanitation - removal of food and water and the things that attract pests to the area
  • Pesticides - for eradication and population reduction of pests in and around the structure

All three of these conditions must be met and maintained to guarantee pest eradication. Pest control without good exclusion and sanitation measures can be employed with some success, but expected results must be proportionate.

The price for general household pest control varies based on the size of the structure, environmental conditions, and the type of pests to be managed / eradicated. Typically the intial cost for a 1600 SF house will range from $125 to $175, and a quarterly service is approximately $70. This is service for most varieties of ants, roaches and silverfish. The cost to eradicate flea and tick infestations can be more costly, and will likely require treatment of the lawn as well as the dwelling.

We do accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, or ask about monthly installments.

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